Resources for Educators

Tools for Teachers

Are you an educator who needs tools for their classroom or students? I've got you covered with thousands of resources to empower you and your students!


As an adult educator, Kate spent WAY TOO much of her precious planning time scrambling to locate appropriate resources. She knew exactly what she wanted: adaptable, adult focused, GED® centered, and accessible to every skill level.

Turns out that, despite the glut of free resources on the internet, very few met her criteria. Shoot, none of the paid curriculum came close either. So she gave up the search and began creating her own. 

Our Resource Library

Classroom Bundle

Math Crash Course

A complete online GED® math course- video classes, practice activities, and example problems- to guide or supplement your instruction.

PD's & Trainings

Need a keynote, presenter, or staff training? Book Kate for personalized sessions designed to equip your instructors to better serve struggling students.

TikTok Tips & Tricks

Virtual GED Textbook

 A collection of vetted open educational resources. Totally free, open, and copy-able in the Canvas commons.

Kate's Quizlet Classes

Dozens of Quizlet class folders with hundreds of Flashcard sets Kate created over the years. 

Free GED Prep Group

The world's most supportive GED® class, 20,000 members strong, with free resources for all subjects and 24/7 support.

Our YouTube Channel

900+ GED® Focused videos math, science, data analysis and test taking skills