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Are you an educator who needs tools for their classroom or students? I've got you covered with hundreds of open and free resources to empower you and your students!

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As a former adult educator who spent WAY TOO much of her time looking for or creating free and open resources that are designed for adults, leveled, adaptable, and GED-like, I fully believe in SHARING with other adult educators.

You are welcome to use any of the following resources in your classroom. Happy teaching!

L&S's worksheets, slide shows, and other resources. All materials in drive are licensed CC-BY-NC and may be copied and adapted for use according to the terms of the license.

With 700+ GED focused videos and more coming out each week, our YouTube channel is a goldmine for adult educators.

Thousands of free and open teaching resources from all over the web, all vetted for adult learners and in one place, organized by subject. Totally free, open, and copy-able in the Canvas commons.



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