Unit Rate Word Problems

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Unit rates are all around us: on speed limit signs, on car stickers, on our paychecks. Look for the telltale word "per" in the unit- miles per hour, miles per gallon, dollars per hour- these are all unit rates. 


Finding unit rates are simple if you remember that the word "per" can be directly translated as divide. Want to find the average speed, in miles per hour? Just divide the miles traveled by the hours. How about the hourly wage, in dollars per hour? Again just divide! Dollars divided by hours. 

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems. 


Slope as a Rate of Change- Beginner

Find unit rates from word problems with this printable worksheet. 

Unit Rates Experienced

EXPERIENCED 1 (mixed word problems)

Unit Rates with Graphics

EXPERIENCED 2 (graphics)

Unit Rates from Tables and Graphs

EXPERIENCED 3 (tables & graphs)

All worksheets feature a mix of word problems involving finding, using, and comparing unit rates. 

Unit Rates from Graphs of Lines
GED Style Unit Rates

Printable worksheet featuring unit rates from word problems, and mixed graphic displays. 


Beginning 1

Beginning 2

Beginning 3

Experienced 1

Experienced 2

Experienced 3

Advanced 1

Advanced 2

Advanced 3

Advanced 4