The GED® Math Test: What to Expect

A woman holding a lightbulb and point to her head indicating 'to think'.

A Reasoning Test

The GED® Math test is NOT a computation test; it is a reasoning test. If you spend the majority of your time memorizing computation algorithms, like how to add and subtract fractions or how to divide decimals, without taking the time to develop your math reasoning skills, you'll be in trouble come test day! 


The good news is, the GED® Math test is focused on some key skills. There are topics that come up again and again and again. Developing these skills can make a huge difference on test day!

Check out the video below to get more information about the types of problems that come up in each area. Check out the math study guide from the official testing service,, for a complete listing of all possible question types. 


More good news! When you take your test, you'll have important tools available to you. 

A toolbox holding different tools that could be needed for a project.


A man in the desert using binoculars.

Typical GED® Style Problems

Check out the style of problems that the GED® favors that you'll master in this course.


The Need is Real and The Impact is Huge

To date, ten of thousands of struggling students from more than 150 countries have used the GED® Math Crash Course to prepare for their test. Students contact us regularly to say, "I tried everything. Nothing worked until I found Light & Salt Learning!"

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