About Light & Salt


Light & Salt Learning exists because I firmly believe that ALL learners, given the right supports, are capable of mastering the academic skills in order for high school equivalency, college, and career success.

My goal is to provide free high quality, adult focused open educational resources to students and adult educators.

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Meet Kate Redmon

Hey, I'm Kate, the instructor behind Light & Salt. I've worked with struggling learners for the entirety of my 10+ years in education- first, teaching remedial and inclusion high school in my home state of Hawai`i, then tutoring adults with disabilities, then as an adult education instructor, and now as the founder of Light & Salt Learning. I also administrate a Facebook group of over 19,000 GED students from all over the world; it's helped thousands of students earn their high school equivalency diploma!

Each day I work with adult education students only reinforces my belief that the human brain is fantastically plastic and that all learners, given the right supports, can become skilled mathematicians.


Here's the backstory: I was a private tutor for years, working out in the community. My students and I studied for the GED in McDonalds, the library, or Starbucks. The students' needs changed, the location changed, but one thing never changed- wherever I was strangers would approach me. Over and over, perfect strangers asked, "Are you a GED tutor? Can you help me?"

Sadly, most of those people who asked could not afford private tutoring. And I could only work with so many students for free. The need was so great and my time was so limited!

I wished she could clone herself.

Finally, I decided to put lessons up on YouTube so she could at least have SOMETHING to offer all those hopeful students. With that, Light & Salt Learning was born. My dream: make high-quality GED math instruction available to anyone, for free.


I am committed to keeping every resource we create- from videos, to worksheets, to slideshows for instructors- totally free to GED students and adult educators. Help me to keep delivering free, high quality, adult focused resources by becoming a monthly supporter for as little as $3 a month or give a one time gift with buymeacoffee.com.