Dot to Dot Project

Picasso of the Plane

Want to practice identifying coordinate pairs while creating an artistic masterpiece? Just reached a level where you're sick of graphing someone else's points?

This project is for you. 


Step 1: Print out the coordinate plane and sketch out your own picture lightly. When you're pleased with your design, turn it into a dot-to dot, plotting points and connecting those points with lines to form a dot to dot. This is your answer key. 

Step 2: Write out the directions for someone else to create a dot to dot like yours. Remember to specify at which point each line should START and STOP. These are your directions. Need to see an example?

Step 3: How'd you do? Give your directions to someone else along with a blank coordinate grid. Can they draw the same drawing using your directions? 

Got a question about this project or want to show off your creation? Drop it in the comments.