GED® Math Crash Course


Struggling students need a math course designed for the way they learn. The Crash Course is structured so that every student, regardless of skill level, can develop the skills they need to succeed on the GED® Test, in college, and in life! And, it's completely free!


Unit 0: Crucial GED® Basics

Four building builder blocks in red, green, blue, and yellow.

Algebra Essentials

A chalk board displaying a math problem and reasoning through it.

Slope, Lines, and Functions

A graph displaying slopes in red and blue

Geometry for the GED®

A geometric pattern.

Data Analysis

A computer screen displaying data, graphs, and charts. A person is using a pin to point to a specific graph.

Interpreting Word Problems

Question marks in squares of various colors.

Don't Panic! You're not supposed to do it all!

Most students need 2-3 Units in order to pass math. The units overlap so that struggling students can continue to review and build skills without repeating lessons, and experienced students can pass quickly.


Let's Skill Build!

One mistake struggling students make is trying to do too much too fast! It's very important to isolate skills and practice them individually, before building to the type of complex examples found on the GED®

Start with Unit 0. Don't skip lessons! You may choose beginner practices a lot at first. That's okay! It's like the gym. The more Units you complete, the stronger you'll get. With each unit, your new skills will better equip you to practice at a higher level!

Unit 0: Crucial GED® Basics

Four building builder blocks in red, green, blue, and yellow.


Let's Make This Quick!

Are you a student who has learned algebra before, has scheduled to test in the next few weeks, is scoring in the 144-149 range on official GED® Ready Practice Tests, or just needs a quick refresher of what might show up on the test? 

A refresher of the math "biggies" and some test taking skills might be all you need to pass your test! 


The Need is Real and The Impact is Huge

To date, ten of thousands of struggling students from more than 150 countries have used the GED Math Crash Course to prepare for their test. Students contact us regularly to say, "I tried everything. Nothing worked until I found Light & Salt Learning!"

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