GED Math Crash Course

Welcome to the GED Math Crash Course

The Crash Course is a totally free resource designed by instructor Kate Redmon to teach new and struggling students the math they really need for the GED. Each lesson page contains a full-length class video, links to leveled practice with answers, and tons of GED style example problem videos. If you ever get stuck on a problem, you can email me at and your question might make my next video!

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Don't Panic! You're NOT supposed to do it all!

The GED Math Crash Course has more resources than any one student would ever need. It was designed with the needs of many different types of students in mind, from those who just need a quick review to those who have struggled mightily with math for years and years. Those students have very different needs.

Check out the video for a quick tour and basic instructions for how to use this website.


Work Lesson by Lesson:

  1. Start with Unit 0: Crucial GED Basics

  2. On each lesson page, do the following:

    • Watch the virtual class video and take notes

    • Complete at least ONE level of practice, whichever level you're at.

    • Don't rush. Understanding a few units deeply is better than rushing through the material every single time.

  3. After finishing Unit 1, take a GED Ready test.

    • 150 or more? Take your GED test

    • Below 150? Try Unit 2, 3, 4 or 5 (order doesn't matter after Unit 1), then take another Ready test. Keep working this way- a unit, a Ready test, a unit, a Ready test until you are scoring 150+.

Check out the three videos below for even more information specifically for struggling students.

Advice for Struggling Students (Part 1)

The Crash Course works DIFFERENTLY than other math classes, books, and programs because it's designed for strugglers.

Advice for Struggling Students (Part 2)

Which level of practice is best? Why are there SO MANY resources in each lesson? Do you REALLY have to do all the units?

Advice for Struggling Students (Part 3)

What should you do if you're still not getting it? When to use extra resources. How to get your questions answered.

The only basics you need to get started.

Simplifying and solving in algebra.

Points, lines, functions, slopes.

GED formula sheet based Geometry.

Mean, Median; Graphs; Percents; Probability, etc.

Learn tools to understand word problems.



Are you a student who has learned algebra before, has been studying GED math for a while, is scoring in the 142-144 range, or just needs a quick refresher of what might show up on the test?

A quick review of the math "biggies" might be all you need to pass your test.