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Thank you for your interest in Light & Salt Learning! I love hearing from students and instructors. However, due to the high volume of correspondence I receive, the fact that I am a team of one, and the focus of my mission (to create open educational resources especially designed to equip struggling GED students and their instructors), I am not able to individually guide everyone who reaches out to me. But don't worry! The information or resource you need is most likely available below!

Happy learning (or teaching!),

Kate Redmon



  • Can you tutor me? Do you offer live classes?: I do not offer tutoring or live classes. I occasionally put out casting calls for student participants for my YouTube videos but only every few years and the number of participants is very limited. However, you are able to access my Free, self-paced online class on my website. Please consider enrolling in an adult education program like Seeds of Literacy if you need additional support.

  • Can you explain this problem or concept? I do invite student questions and am happy to point you to the direction of free resources addressing your questions. However, I am unable to give detailed explanations or create a video for every question I receive. For the best chances of receiving a video response, be specific about what you don't understand, and include a picture of the problem in your message, as well as exactly where you found it. If you need immediate answers to your questions, please join the Light & Salt Learning FB group.

  • Can you help me with science, social studies, or language arts? Yes! All my tips, tricks, links to recommended and free resources are available within the GROUP GUIDES of my Facebook group.


I will do my best to prioritize your questions but, in the meantime, here are some options and resources especially for you:

  • The Educator page of my website contains links to my Google Drive chock full of worksheets and classroom activities. You'll also find links to my Quizlet classes and my open Canvas Course, "The Virtual GED Textbook", a compilation of thousands of vetted open, free, and low cost adult education resources.

  • You can join my "Teachers in Training" tier on Patreon. For $15 a month, you'll receive access to exclusive tips and training videos on best practices for reaching struggling students. You'll also be the first to hear about every new resource I create and, most importantly, ensure that I can continue my mission to equip adult education students and instructors with the materials they need to succeed!

  • I offer professional developments and have presented at the program, state, and national level. I am also available as a Keynote speaker. If you want more information, please email me and include mention of this in the subject line and I will respond promptly.


I am committed to keeping every resource I create- from videos, to worksheets, to slideshows for instructors- totally free to GED students and adult educators. To do that, I need the help of generous supporters. If you are able, please consider partnering with me by becoming a Patron for as little as $3 a month or giving a one time gift with