Visualizing Word Problems

Can You See It?

Visualizing the word problem with a drawing or diagram can help you to make sense of the scenario. Don't give up on a word problem before you draw it!

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When faced with a complex or daunting word problem that you just can't make sense of, try sketching out a diagram of the scenario. Although this skill is especially useful in geometry, don't limit yourself to just sketching shapes. Visualizing is a helpful tool for ratios and proportions, understanding the basic operations, probability and counting, and tons of other math topics.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems. Refer to your GED Formula sheet and print out these example problems to follow along with the video.


Visualizing Word Problems Beginner


Match scenarios to appropriate diagrams.

Visualizing Word Problems Experienced


Practice drawing diagrams to accompany word problems.

Visualizing Word Problems Advanced


Practice drawing diagrams to accompany more complex GED style word problems.


Beginning 1

Beginning 2

Beginning 3

Beginning 4

MathABILITY- Width & Area

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