Common Sense & Estimation

Not So Common

For some reason, students seem to lose all their common sense once faced with a math problem. You need strong skills of estimating and evaluating answers using common sense in order to attack GED style word problems.

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Most of the math questions on the GED are multiple choice. This is great news! Students can use common sense to rule out illogical answers and estimation to narrow down answer choices. These skills are especially useful if you find yourself running out of time, unable to complete all the necessary calculations.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems. Refer to your GED Formula sheet and print out these example problems to follow along with the video.


Common Sense in Word Problems


Practice using common sense to narrow down your answer choices.

Using Estimation in Word Problems


Practice using estimation to narrow down your answer choices.

Common Sense and Estimation GED Style Word Problems


Apply the skills of common sense and estimation to complex, GED style word problems.