Intro to Percents

A Portion of a Hundred

A simple conceptual understanding of a percent can help you make logical guesses on multiple choice questions, evaluate your answers, and do simple percent problems in your head.

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Put quite simply, a percentage is a portion out of 100 parts. For example 75% means 75 pieces out of every one hundred. There are a lot of ways to tackle percent problems, but in this lesson we will just dig down deep into using our reasoning skills to solve straightforward percent problems.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.



Isolate simple mental percent skill and practice them individually.


In the first two Quizlet sets, try some trickier mental math examples. In the third, practice all the mental percent tricks, all mixed up.


Graphics, working backwards, word problems, and comparing percents.


Beginning 1

Beginning 2

Beginning 3

Beginning 4 (50% & 100%)

Beginning 5

Beginning 6 (% of 100)

Beginning 7

Beginning 8 (25% & 75%)

Beginning 9

Experienced 1 (10%, etc.)

Experienced 2 (33 1/3% & 66 2/3%)

Advanced 1

Advanced 2

Extension 1