Proportion Applications in Geometry

Relationship Goals

When two shapes are similar or in proportion to each other, their sides form equivalent ratios or relationships. Put simply, you can set us a proportion problem with corresponding sides of similar shapes.

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Prerequisite: You may want to review solving proportion problems before starting this lesson.

Similar shapes are shapes that are scaled copies of each other. Imagine blowing up or shrinking down an image on a computer, you keep the proportions the same but change the size of the object. When two shapes are similar, their corresponding sides will be in proportion, meaning that you can set up an algebraic proportion problem to solve for a missing side length.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems. Print out these example problems to follow along with the video lesson.


Straightforward similar shape proportion problems from Kuta Software.

Similar Figure Word Problems from Kuta Software