Area and Perimeter by Definition

2 Ways to Measure 2-D

When it comes to 2-dimensional shapes, there are two concepts you need to understand very, very well for your math test: area and perimeter.

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Consider a two-dimensional shape- like a rectangle, triangle, or trapezoid; there are two ways to think about "measuring" them. You can measure the length of the line around the outside of the shape, that's the perimeter, or you can measure the space to cover a shape, that's the area. When the two dimensional shape you're looking at is a rectangle, both measurements are quite simple. To find the perimeter, add up all the sides. To find the area, multiply the two dimensions of a rectangle, the length and width.

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Area & Perimeter by Definition Beginning

One step area and perimeter application problems. See example #1-5 below.

A&P By Definition 2

Multi-step area and perimeter application problems. See examples #6&7 and extensions #1-5 below.

A&P by Definition 3

Graphs and charts and working backwards add GED style challenge. See extensions #6-9 below.


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