Using A&P Formulas to Solve for Dimensions

Working Backwards

Your algebra skills meet your geometry skills when you use area and perimeter formulas to solve for missing dimensions.

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Prerequisite: You may want to review perfect squares before completing this lesson.

Have you been given the area or perimeter of a 2-dimensional shape and been asked to find a missing dimension like a length, width, height, base, or radius? Simply chose the correct formula from the GED formula sheet, substitute in the known values, and solve for the missing dimension using your algebra skills learned in Unit 1.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.


Using A&P Formulas to Solve for Dimensions Beginner

Straightforward formula sheet application problems that result in one-step equations.

Using A&P Formulas to Find Missing Dimensions ADVANCED

Two and Three Step formula problems and circle application problems.

Using GED Formulas to Solve for Missing Dimensions Experienced

Multi-Step formula and application problems.


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