Graphing Lines from Equations

A Slope-Intercept "Map"

The equation of a line, if in slope-intercept form, can be read like a road map, directing just where to start graphing a line, and how to move from there.

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Solve the equation of a line for y, and you'll arrive at a very special form, the slope-intercept form of a line or y=mx+b. This form gets it name from the fact that you can "see" both the slope and the y-intercept of your line at a glance. From there, it's a piece of cake to graph a line. Start by plotting a point on the y-intercept, move from there using the slope, connect the dots, and voila! you've got a line.

I even have a little saying to help you remember the equation: "Y am I always alone!?! Even my X is married! With a baby!"

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