Writing Equations

Algebraic Sentences

Going from writing expressions to writing equations is like learning to write complete sentences in the language of algebra. In order to make complete sentences, you need a verb! Your first verb, "is equal to", is used in every equation.

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Writing algebraic equations is like translating sentences from one language to another. From English to the language of algebra!

Equations are statements of equality. We are saying that one thing is equal to another.

In order to write an equation you must think of two different expressions, or ways to express, the same thing.

For example, I could talk about my total monthly website users two ways. I could just give you the number: 3,000 or I could give you a way to figure out that total: 30 days times the number of users per day, u.

They are equal so I put an equal sign between them: 30u=3000.

Now you have an equation that could be used to solve for u, the number of users on my site per day.

For more examples and explanations, see the video examples at the bottom of the page.



Translate and solve one step equations with direct translation, then model application problem using equations in these Khan Academy practice activities.

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The most popular type of equations the GED will have you write are linear equations. Practice writing them with this activity from Khan Academy.


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