Writing Algebraic Expressions

Turn a Phrase

Algebraic expressions are like phrases or clauses in math. You should be able to translate mathematical expressions from English to the language of algebra for the GED.

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Writing algebraic expressions is like translating phrases from one language to another- from English to the language of algebra!

Algebraic expressions are any combination of numbers, operations, and variables (letters) and can range from very simple, 5+3 for example, to quite complex. See the example problems below for more details.

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Practice writing arithmetic expressions (no variables) and simple algebraic expressions.

Writing Expressions for Beginners with SOlutions.pdf
Writing Algebraic Expressions

Practice writing a mixture of arithmetic and algebraic expressions with direct translation and from word problems.

Writing Algebraic Expressions GED Style

Practice writing challenging expressions like what you'll see on the GED test.


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