Using the GED Formula Sheet

Algebraic Short Cuts

You don't have to memorize complicated mathematical processes if you've got the algebra skills necessary to use the formula sheet. Just substitute in the known values and you're off and running letting the algebra guide you.

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You will have a GED formula sheet for your math test, along with a TI-30XS calculator. I recommend that you use both as you follow along with this lesson. You'll practice:

  • Choosing the correct formula

  • Substituting in the known values

  • Solving for the unknown variable

  • Using your TI-30XS calculator, rounding answers, and choosing the correct unit

  • Avoiding common student mistakes and GED tricks

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.


Utilizing Formulas 2 Practice

This printable worksheet gives you practice using simple GED formulas forwards (simplifying) and backwards (solving).

Utilizing Formulas Intermediate Level.docx

Use a wide variety of GED formulas both forwards (simplifying) and backwards (solving. Watch out for GED style tricks! (solutions)

Utilizing Formulas GED Style Challenge Problems.pdf

All the formulas, all the tricks; how very GED-like! (solutions)


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