Solving Multi-Step Equations

Step by Step

The type of equations found on the GED are multi-step but don't let that intimidate you. You don't have to know everything you need to do, just the next step.

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Follow these wisdom principles to solve linear equations.

  1. Simplify the left and right hand sides of the equation.

  2. Get the variable terms (letters) to the same side.

  3. Isolate the variable- get the letter alone on one side.

And, remember, you can always use your GED calculator when solving equations.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.


Use this Quizlet set to practice solving multi-step equations with whole numbers.

This Kuta Worksheet features simple to complex multi-step equations with integers.


Multi-step equations What Went Wrong.pdf

Ready for a real GED style challenge? Find the error in another student's solutions. (answer key)


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