Intro to Algebra

The Power of Equations

Don't let the letters in algebra scare you. They're just placeholders, standing in for an unknown number. And, great news, when those letters show up in an equation, you've got everything you need to solve the mystery and reveal x's true identity!

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To solve an equation is to determine what value of the variable makes the equation true. We do this by isolating the variable, in other words getting the letter alone, using inverse or opposite operations.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.

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Printable Worksheet featuring only whole numbers and the four basic operations to give beginning level students a chance to focus on the algebra skills.

Quizlet set designed to isolate the skill of negating equations (eg. - x = 15) for struggling students.


These worksheets from Kuta Software can increase your understanding by giving practice with decimals, negatives, and fractions. Feel free to use a calculator for the computations so you can focus on the algebraic skill of identifying inverses.


A mix of one-step equations featuring rational numbers, negating equations and squares.

A mixed review of one step equations involving the four basic operations featuring negatives, fractions, and decimals, plus literal equations.


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Beginning 2


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