Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Plug and Chug

Sometimes algebra is a whole lot easier than it appears. Evaluating expressions is one of those times. Just plug in numbers, and chug along performing the order of operations, and voila! To make it even easier, your TI-30XS can do all the calculations for you.

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Substitute in the known values, then simplify as usual! Use your calculator to perform the computations if you like. That's all it takes to evaluate algebraic expressions.

Watch the Virtual GED Class video for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.


Printable worksheet with one variable, one simple operation, and whole numbers to ease into the algebra concept.

Evaluating Expressions for Beginners


The most common mistake students make with evaluating expressions involves plugging negative values into exponential expressions. Isolate this skill to avoid the error with the printable worksheet.

Evaluating Exponential Expressions

GED style expressions and functions to evaluate.

GED style evaluating expressions REVISED.pdf


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