The Basic Operations

Build Your Basics

Understanding (not just memorizing the steps!) the four basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) provides a strong foundation for the math skills you need for the GED.

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STEP 1: Watch the Virtual Class Video and Take Notes

The four basic mathematical operations are:

  • Addition and its inverse, subtraction

  • Multiplication and its inverse, division

In order to master the algebra that is the primary focus of the GED, it is crucial that you know:

  • Each operation's inverse

  • The various operands or symbols mathematicians use to signal the basic operations

  • The vocabulary words sum, difference, product, and quotient

Watch the Virtual GED Class video below for a complete explanation and tons of worked example problems.

STEP 2: Complete ONE Level of Practice


Practice identifying the four basic operations and their inverses and writing simple arithmetic expressions. No variables.

The Basic Operations for Beginners


Practice identifying six operations and their inverses and writing simple algebraic expressions with variables.

The Basic Operations (Experienced)


Students with extensive exposure to algebra can deepen their understanding of the basic operations by writing and simplifying more complex algebraic expressions.

Advanced Practice with the Basic Operations

Use the Worked Examples Below If You Get Stuck on Your Practice

Beginner 1

Beginner 2

Beginner 3


Experienced 1

Experienced 2

Experienced 3

Experienced 4

Experienced 5

Advanced 1

Advanced 2

Advanced 3

Advanced 4